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The Minotaur's Island

The Minotaur's Island

The mysterious island of Crete has always had a hold on our imagination. Now we go beyond the legends to unearth the secrets of this small island that has given the world some of it greatest myths

It’s the legendary birth-place of Zeus and the realm of the cruel tyrant King Minos, whose beautiful daughter led Theseus into the underground lair of terrifying man-beast – the Minotaur.

Bettany Hughes explores Crete’s breath-taking scenery and major archaeological finds to piece together the story of the Minoans.

Weighing up rival archaeological claims from both past and present, she offers her own insights into an ancient civilisation steeped in mythology.


History Channels

TX Date:

October 2003

  • Exec Producer/s: Richard Bradley
  • Director/s: Melanie Archer, Tim Kirby
  • Presenter/s: Bettany Huges