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It Takes A Thief

It Takes A Thief

It Takes A Thief offers viewers something they've never seen before: a home burglary performed by convicted former thieves that is taped as it happens.

Ever wondered how safe is your house is? It Takes a Thief sets out to answer that very question.

Hosted by reformed ex-burglars, Matt Johnston and Jon Douglas Rainey, It Takes a Thief tests the home-security of the average home owner by staging actual burglaries to reveal security shortcomings. The burglary is followed by a lesson in what steps to take to prevent such a violation from occurring again.



TX Date:

October 2005

  • Exec Producer/s: Allison Corn
Awards & Nominations:
  • New York Festival 2007, World Medal: Reality TV - Gold Award
  • Telly Awards 2007 Silver Award - Win